IonLoop® Customized Bracelet / Wristbands

IonLoop® bracelet / wristbands contain two technologies: magnets + negative ions. Negative ions are no mystery. They are simply electrically charged molecules and, along with positive ions, are present in the air around us. Found in certain environments like mountains, beaches and waterfalls, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that, when found in the bloodstream, may offer health benefits. In our modern environment, positive ions are produced by everyday electronic devices such as cell phones and computers. While wearing IonLoop® custom silicone bracelets, beneficial negative ions absorb into the body to counteract harmful effects of positive ions. Our sport bracelets also contain two very strong magnets. The disc magnets are small, but powerful, and offer the maximum benefits of magnet therapy.

IonLoop® Branded Products

While IonLoop® makes no medical claims with regards to negative ions and magnets, we do offer the user a way to experience the benefits of this cutting edge technology with our customized products, including our customizable bracelets / wristbands and iPad / iPhone covers.



Positive ions come from the sun’s UV rays and drain our energy.  Computers, cell phones, fluorescent lights, and machinery are also charged with positive ions.

The invigorating energy of nature, think of a hard rain, waterfall or thunderstorm… is caused by an abundance of negative ions. It is thought that negative ions counteract and balance the effects of positive ions. However, in the everyday indoor environment in America, the atmosphere is often overloaded with positive ions. IonLoop‘s unique promotional products contain the natural, negative ion producing mineral tourmaline. Read more about negative ions.

Magnet TherapyMagnet

The positive effects of magnets are indisputable. The cells in the body create electrical charges and magnetic forces.  The human body requires magnetic fields for good health. IonLoop® custom silicone bracelet have magnets that are positioned to emit the MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF MAGNETIC POWER POSSIBLE. Unlike other bracelets, IonLoop®’s design visibly exposes the magnets, reminding wearers of the power of magnetic imagery. Read more about the widespread and historically documented effects of magnet therapy.