IonLoop® Overview

The IonLoop® brand was created with quality in mind. Founded by Melissa and Bob Gotfredson in 2009, the entrepreneurs strove to develop a superior product at a competitive price. Bob’s 20+ years in the golf and bracelet category, along with both of their entrepreneurial backgrounds, gave them the edge in producing a technologically advanced, unique promotional products that would benefit both athletes and businesses. Bob was one of the early “pioneers” in this business, as he and others founded Trion:Z in 2005. IonLoop® is differentiated by both the quality and customer support offered to clients who purchase our branded products.

IonLoop® Customizable Promotional Products
Customizable Promotional bracelets / wristbands are increasingly popular among promotion managers, sales managers, and marketing executives who are searching for something different that their clients will keep, use and see on a regular basis. IonLoop offers “top-of-mind recognition,” and clients love to wear a product that offers the added benefit of magnet + negative ion technology.



The ion bracelets were premiered to the public at the PGA Merchandise Show in January of 2010. Shortly after, business started pouring in with custom bracelet opportunities… adidas, Polo Ralph Lauren, Pinehurst Resort and others began capitalizing on the unique opportunities of these branded products. Today, IonLoop’s® custom bracelet business thrives, and IonLoop® customized products are now offered in many fashionable colors and styles. We are proud to have Ahead as our USA distributor for bracelets in the Corporate , Golf and Resort category.

The Science Behind IonLoop©
IonLoop® silicone bracelets / wristbands contain two small but very powerful magnets that provide all the benefits of magnet therapy while the bands offer the helpful effect of negative ions. We encourage you to learn more about magnets and the benefits of negative ions on our main website.